Tall Ship Races 2024 – Valborg’s Sailing Terms


The sailing terms include basic information about registration and rules.

Trainee sailor’s age

Age limits for the sailings are announced separately for each sailing.

Sailing Fees

Route Date 15-25y >25y
Helsinki - Klaipeda 20.-29.6. 855 € 1035 €
Helsinki - Klaipeda - Helsinki 20.6.-6.7. 1292 € 1564 €
Klaipeda - Helsinki 29.6.-6.7. 760 € 920 €
Helsinki - Tallinn 6.-13.7. 760 € 920 €
Tallinn - Turku 13.-20.7. 760 € 920 €
Turku - Mariehamn 20.-26.7. 665 € 805 €

Registered participants will be sent payment instructions along with the trainee sailor’s information form.

Cancellation Terms

If the trainee sailor cancels their sailing

30 days before the sailing, any paid portion of the sailing fee will be refunded.

Less than 30 days before the sailing, 25% of the paid sailing fee will be refunded.

Less than 7 days before the sailing, the sailing fee will not be refunded.

Changes or cancellations to your registration can be handled by phone: +358 500 502 334, by email at tsr2024@valborg.fi, or in writing: Baltic Sea Tall Ship Association ry, Suomenlinna E3 A6, 00190 Helsinki.

Cancellation or Changes

If the sailing is canceled due to reasons attributable to the association, the association will refund all payments made by the trainee sailor for this sailing.

The association does not compensate for changes or cancellations to the sailing program, route, destination ports, or schedule due to reasons beyond the association’s control, such as accommodations, changes or cancellations of onward connections, or similar expenses or damages incurred by the trainee sailor. Reasons independent of the association include, for example, dangerous or forecasted dangerous weather conditions or circumstances, actions by authorities, damage to the vessel, external factors such as strikes, war, or other exceptional circumstances, and illness on board the vessel and the actions it necessitates.


Finnish law applies at the shipping company and on board the vessel. Any disputes will be settled in the Helsinki District Court.

Travel to Destination Ports

Each individual is responsible for their own travel to the destination ports at the start of the sailing and for their onward connections at the end of the sailing, as well as for arriving on time at the ship before the start of the sailing.


The s/v Valborg and its shipping company have comprehensive passenger insurance coverage as required for passenger ships under the Athens Convention (2002), covering strict liability. On youth sailings, each participant is also responsible for arranging their own passenger, accident, and similar insurance coverage.

Trainee Sailor’s Information Form

Every trainee sailor fills out an information form that includes personal details, next of kin information, and necessary health information. The information on the form is treated confidentially.


The sailing fee includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. On the first or last day of the sailing, not all meals may be available. Trainee sailors participate in the preparation of meals along with their watch group.


Valborg has relatively spacious quarters, but in a style typical for a training sailing ship, accommodation is in a shared space. Four people are accommodated in the same cabin: two on top and two below.

Alcohol, Smoking, and Narcotics

Consuming alcohol on board is prohibited.

Smoking is allowed only in a designated area, strictly observing fire safety regulations.

The possession and use of narcotics are absolutely prohibited.

Violations will be reported to the guardian of a minor and, if necessary, to the authorities. Additionally, the individual may be sent home at their own expense.

Disruptive Behavior

An individual causing disturbance or danger can be sent home at their own expense. Additionally, the guardian of a minor will be notified and, if necessary, the authorities.

Contact Info

Valborg oy
Halkolaituri, Pohjoisranta, 00170 Helsinki

Address: Suomenlinna E3 A6
00190 Helsinki
phone: 0500 502 334


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